Rye Rye ‘Never Will Be Mine’ Video Ft. Robyn Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes of ’s new music video for ‘Never Will Be Mine’, featuring Robyn. The track off of Rye Rye’s forthcoming debut album features a slowed-down chorus from Robyn’s 2005 hit ‘Be Mine’.

Watch Rye Rye and the Swedish pop singer talk about the meaning behind the song from the Los Angeles video set and share their candid thoughts on each other’s musical styles below. In a touching moment, director Tim Nackashi shares how much he loved working with both artists and that the shoot may have been one of the best days of his life.

“It’s basically about talking sh** about a guy and finding out he was cheating and trying to play,” Rye Rye explained about the song. “I’m not boo-hooing about it. I’m moving on.”

As for her decision to work with a Robyn track, Rye Rye said, “I love Robyn because she makes great music and she actually has a voice, an amazing voice, and it’s her own style because she incorporates it with dance music as well and makes you move. It’s so like emotional sometimes.”

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