RZA Enjoying All The Scoring He’s Been Doing Lately

, who composed the soundtrack for the new film ‘Blade: Trinity’ tells MTV News he doesn’t consider himself a full member of the composer community just yet, but he’s working on it. The Wu-Tang Clan star has been obsessively reading and listening to the selected works of such notable film composers as Elmer Bernstein (‘The Magnificent Seven’) and Henry Mancini (‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’). “I just read and read and study and study,” RZA said. “I want to make sure that I’m taking this art that they created over the years and I’m becoming a member of their fraternity, but a member that’s deserving, because I’m respecting the work. These guys got me by a few years, so they’re my seniors, my big homies we call it in the ‘hood. They my big homies, and I’m the little homie trying to get it cracking.” Read more.

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