RZA Prepping ‘W.A.R.: The World According To RZA’

Wu-Tang Clan frontman talked with Launch.com about his forthcoming international album, ‘W.A.R.: The World According To RZA’. “I got an international album that’s already recorded. We’re mixing right now,” he said. “It’s called ‘W.A.R.’ We break down the word ‘war’–it’s called ‘The World According To RZA’ — and what I did with this particular album is I traveled throughout the European countries, ’cause Europe, many countries have grass hip-hop, you know what I mean, because they’re living the same struggle we’re living in one form or another. So when I out there got some of the most prominent artists, gave them some fat beats, and they kicked some banging joints on it. So, for the first time you could hear hip-hop in many languages, like Turkey–who thought that somebody would ever rap in Turkish and be on beat?”

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