Saigon Responds To Joe Budden’s ‘Letter To Saigon’ With ‘Underachiever’

is responding to the diss track ‘Letter To Saigon’ in a posting on his blog at MySpace (@saigonthayardfather), after posting the track ‘Underachiever’ in response on his player. The Brooklyn rapper tells readers:

Hahaha…. I know many of you have been watching whats been going on between me and this mouse named Joseph Anthony Budden AKA Joe Budden… I’m really starting to think this guy thinks Im scared to battle him.. Before I continue I must say this, even knowing battling is a very important part of hip hop, Ive always tried to stay away from doing it. I never liked the idea of 2 men writing down jokes or insults about each other when they could easily just put on some boxing gloves and put their manhoods on the line… I know people always say that sounds violent but that’s how REAL men settled their differences when I was bought up…I noticed the ONLY way this guy will ever excel at rapping if its him writing jokes about someone or doing a bunch of fu**ing name dropping which is what actually started all of this… For a guy who has had a chance to put out his album and STILL make NO mark whatsoever in the game is pitiful… I really don’t even know why I’m entertaining a guy who has dropped albums, came in with Desert Storm when they were very VERY hot and in 2009 he’s still stuck in the same fu**ing spot he was in when he came… I know… It doesn’t make sense.. This is the first and last diss record Ive ever done in my life so don’t expect this to keep going back and forth.. Unlike the mouse, I have a mission with my music and its not just running around trying to start battles but to continue my role as an activist in my community and to teach and uplift the generation coming up under me…….. After doing this rap battle sh**, I see why this is the only thing he’s good for..

The entire post has since been removed. Listen to Budden’s ‘Letter To Saigon’ below.

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