Sampling Michael Jackson A No-Brainer For Cali Swag District

Cali Swag District

Smoove of spoke with Neon Limelight about the hip hop group attempting to widen their audience with their new single ‘Where You Are’, which features a sample of Michael Jackson’s 1972 hit ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’. “Our manager presented the track to us and it was a no-brainer,” Smoove said. “It’s a song that we all like and Michael Jackson is an artist that we all love. We didn’t have a choice — we didn’t want to have a choice!” Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Sampling Michael Jackson A No-Brainer For Cali Swag District

  1. ABBY says:

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  2. Kayla.!! says:

    OMG.!! this is so sad they will NEVER be the same without m-bone I feel so bad for him his family and his friends it will be okay. I went through this about two years ago and I’m really sorry about this=/

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