Sandra Rose Strikes A Nerve With Bow Wow After Weak CD Sales

Bow Wow 'New Jack City II' album cover

After Sandra Rose wrote that ’s new album ‘New Jack City Pt. 2’ was shaping up to be “a flop of Epic proportions” after early numbers show it only cleared about 18,000 in its opening week ( has it at 18,586 units), the rapper fired back at the blogger/photographer on his Twitter page (@Bowwow614):

Sumbody tell Sandra Rose, nex time she open her mouf, make sure a d**k is goin in it!

Sandra is old. shes blogn from a retirement home maan… she eatn jello, and pudding.. dat soft food dat old people eat. lol.. fu* ya site!

ur face is like ur blog. a HOT MESS DNT FU* WIT ME SANDRA!

Update: Sandra responds.

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