Scottish Student Spends Sexless Night With Gentleman Eminem

The Scottish Daily Record talked to a Scottish student named Joy McAvoy who met at the Glasgow’s Gig On The Green event last weekend. She went on to party with Eminem at the city’s Cube nightclub before returning to his hotel.

The 20 year old Joy told the Daily Record, “I wasn’t another girl in another port because we didn’t do anything. We kissed and stuff but I was surprised that he didn’t try to have sex with me. We spent the entire night in his hotel. I was shocked, because I thought he was into all that stuff but he is not a male chauvinist in real life. I would never sleep with anyone on the first date. It wouldn’t matter if he was the most famous person in the whole world.” Joy also revealed the two swapped phone numbers, but it’s likely her big mouth will preclude any further encounters.. if they even happened.

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