Seazon – From MuchMusic To World Reporter

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Seazon is an MC who is instantly recognizable to the majority of Canada thanks to his stint as host of MuchMusic’s Rap City. He actually won his way into the job via a nationwide battle called The MuchMusic Temp Contest. Along with the gig at MuchMusic Seazon also earned $25,000 towards a car, $5,000 spending money and an apartment. After selling the car to gain the necessary funds to release his music, Seazon started pushing even harder for his career to jump off and being associated with MuchMusic, which is the Canadian equivalent of MTV, was a huge boost. He received airplay for his first video, “One By One,” on the network, but he’d eventually leave his post there to pursue rap full time, deciding to live by the mantra “never had a plan B / this is all I ever planned to be.” He left with all his contacts fully intact and a healthy knowledge of how the world of music television works. Recently Seazon’s latest single, “The Reporter,” a witty take on world events, impacted radio, and today I’m sitting down with him to discuss the song, his much talked about live shows, and the goals he has for his music. For the full interview, visit

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