Selwyn Hinds Weighs In On Benzino Bust Up caught up with The Source magazine’s former editor Selwyn Hinds and asked him about the editorial dispute he had with co-owner, Ray , that led to him leaving the magazine. Asked if his personal biases are jeopardizing what people like he had done to build up the publication, Hinds said, “I think so. I think whenever, and this doesn’t matter if it was Ray or Dave [Mays], or anybody in a sort of ownership position, anytime whatever your personal sort of agenda gets mixed with whatever the agenda of the institution that you run, especially if someone has the kind of agenda that Ray seems to…you’re talking about an institution like The Source, which is supposed the bible, above the fray, but if people start looking at The Source as one in the same, as indistinguishable with what Benzino represents, then you have a real credibility problem. It makes me sad. I don’t get all upset and up in arms about it, I feel some sadness about the legacy that was built, but I think that legacy will always be there. People will look at what The Source did in the early 90’s into the late 90’s and say, ‘That was hip-hop journalism at its heights.'”

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