‘Shammy Awards’ Blast Jay-Z, Puffy & Eminem

Ahead of tonight’s Grammy awards, Brad Kava of the San Jose Mercury News gave out his ‘Shammys’ to “the artists who did the most to make a sham of the ideals of rock and rap, who turned the music into merchandise and flushed our collective dreams down the toilet.” Amongst the artists on the list were who was labeled, “Sellout of the Year”. Kava writes, “As if stupid feuds haven’t cost rap enough lives, this publicity-seeking rapper has been super ugly in attacking rapper Nas. In the song ‘Super Ugly’ Jay-Z alleges that Nas’ girlfriend had an affair with basketball star Allen Iverson and that Jay-Z himself ‘left condoms on your baby seat.’ What’s next, a duet with Elton John?”

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