Shawty Lo: Diabetes Walks Don’t Make Me Less Of A Gangsta

Insite Atlanta spoke with in a Q&A, asking the D4L rapper about his move to fight diabetes pubicly and if the ailment might hurt his tough guy image. “I don’t worry about it hurting my image ‘cuz I’m real,” he responded. “If a grown man crying, that don’t mean he ain’t real. I’m real. That’s why people love me so much ‘cuz I don’t try to pretend this or pretend to do that. What I do is what I do. If I do [the diabetes walk], that don’t make me less than a gangsta. They can check my whole background. What I talk about I’ve really lived. I’m makin’ a negative into a positive. People follow me for some strange reason. When I was incarcerated, older men told me that it was something about me: ‘If you were to go to church, everybody would go to church.’ He said I was that type of person to make people change and make stuff happen.” Read more.

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