Shay Was Doing Time While Recording N.E.R.D. Album

Cyclone of Beat Magazine of Australia spoke to Chad Hugo of , where he talked about the group’s elusive frontman Shay, and trouble with the law that kept him out of the spotlight. “People don’t know too much about Shay,” says Chad, “because (laughs quietly) he had a bit of trouble with the law – not anything illegal – but Shay is a kung fu expert and the police tried to pull him over at the beach here in Virginia and he did some kung fu moves on a policeman because he was arresting him for no reason, so he has to serve time on the weekends. So they don’t really know too much about him. While we were recording the album, he had to serve those times – but people don’t know that. But things like that, that is the human characteristic – Shay represents the quirky weirdness of NERD.”

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