Shirley Manson On God, VMAs, Puffy & Outkast

Garbage singer Shirley Manson posted a diary update on the band’s official website on August 30th. She writes, “I’m watching the MTV VMA’s and I’m completely baffled and bemused by some of the rather bouffant and conservative hairdo’s that are being rocked.What the ****?!??! Thank god for and their greatness and P. Diddy for at least trying to encourage people to utilize their vote when he got a hit on the mic. At least it made one less person thanking God Almighty for exhalting them above all others. Eeeewphfffff… It’s enough to make me want to puke. Do you honestly think GOD is busy selecting one person above all others to catapault into celebrity status? That hypothetically, maybe GOD looked down into Louisiana and thought to itself ‘Well blow me! There’s a nice wee blonde lassie down there who’s really very wholesome and cute. So maybe she’s NOT the very best singer in the world but oh boy she has a cute pair of hooters and I fancy her real bad so I’m gonna make her a star.’ I mean… Give me a ****ing BREAK people.”

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