Shirtless Soulja Boy Getting Ready For Summer

Shirtless Soulja Boy Getting Ready For Summer

checked in with fans on his Twitter account (@souljaboy) earlier today, posting a shirtless picture of himself and writing:

Gettin my body ready 4 tha summer.

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19 thoughts on “Shirtless Soulja Boy Getting Ready For Summer

  1. mz pretty says:

    Your body looks so sexy I love all the tattoos you got. It looks really hot

  2. Weezy says:

    You are so sexy…

  3. jamsky says:

    You are so sexy Soulja Boy. I love your body.

  4. Naenae !2 says:

    You look too good babes!!!!! (Naenae + DeAndre = Love)

  5. Sierra says:

    whoo.. you is to fine

  6. Mizz_Frost says:

    This one is sexy. He thinks he’s all that don’t he well he need to.

  7. fdsjmgfdsbnfd says:

    You are so hot Soulja Boy nice body

  8. adam says:

    Take off more I want to see his c**k

  9. darealz says:

    are you guys serious? He’s NOT sexy!!! OMG this is sh** I mean look at how skinny he is. OMG so NOT!!

  10. blehh says:

    Agreed way to skinny WAY too SKINNY live the abs ;]

  11. freewanye12345 says:

    Man dang your body is so freaking fine. Man look at that’s dang man

  12. LUZST says:

    Damn Soulja you are freaking sexy kid like my hit me up babe<33

  13. LUZST says:

    Damn Soulja you are so freaking sexy hit me up <3

  14. anulollipopz says:

    I’d be banging you one day (:

  15. Ms.Minnie MeM3 says:

    Outstanding rapper
    Just fine as you wanna be

  16. sexxilexxi;) says:

    Damn I love this picture looking sexy ;P

  17. DeWayne says:

    This nigga is too much! Would love to stick that; I’d show him just what he wants!!!


  18. kesha says:

    What’s up hubby I love you your so fu**ing sexy and all them people saying you gay can kiss my ass

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