Shorty And Kam Team Up

Contributed Anonymously:

Shorty from Da Lench Mob and Kam broke their silence and are teaming up for more than one project. Rumors loomed surrounding Kam recently stating that Kam was with Death Row Records. Kam has now merged Here After Records with Shorty under Bow Tie Entertainment. This entertainment conglomerate has an extensive line up. The Entertainment corporation includes film, sports management and promotion, magazines, videos, video games, books. Shorty reveals, “It is time for people to realize why me, Kam and Jdee were silent when we come out it’s going to be banging! In the meanwhile we are saying something in the community!”


“Say Sump’n” is a social, political, and economical movement, to bring about a positive impact on the youth in the inner city of Los Angeles, and the world. With an All-Star roster featuring the hottest hip hop artist on the west coast, “Say Sump’n” will be the tool to unite, inspire and make a call for peace and respect. The song is also featured on the official 100,000 Man March website as well as the commercials, documentary and the music video.

The current DVD line-up is; Snoop Dogg, Dub C, Big Tray Dee, Tank, RBX, KAM, Squeek-Ru from Allfrumtha I, Kid Frost, Gangsta Rid from the Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E., Shorty from the Lench Mob, Malia Franklin, and produced By multi-platinum producer Greg Lawson. The DVD is Directed by Hakeem Khaaliq, and co-produced by Shorty.

The theme song will be released only to radio stations thru out the USA. Only the DVD Documentary will be available for sale. It contains all the studio sessions with the recording artist, the theme song, the remix, exclusive interviews, rare on-the-street interviews from gangbangers, and statements from the artists.

The proceeds from the sales will be donated to several gang intervention programs that have been working to bring about a positive change in the community. Grassroots community leaders such as radio personalities, Steve Harvey of 103 THE BEAT, Big Boy of POWER 106, and Cliff Winston of KJLH 102.3 along with other businessmen such as Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, and gang interventions leaders: Jim Brown (Amer-I-can), Bo Taylor (Unity One), Khalid Shaw (Stop the Violence) and Stan Muhammad (Venus 2000), and many others have joined together to unite for peace.

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