Shots Fired By Nelly’s Security Against Bootleggers

KSBW reports that one of ’s security people fired a gun during a scuffle with bootleggers following the rapper’s concert at the Meadows Music Theater in Hartford Saturday night. After his security tried to chase away the bootleggers, “all of a sudden, a scuffle broke out, an argument, and then the next thing, one of the security [people] just started firing a gun,” according to a witness. “After a great concert, it kind of kills the night, when you hear a gun shot, because people start to think, ‘What if it was me?’ So it was definitely scary!” Ricky Gross said. A large number of police responded. They arrested three of Nelly’s security force and a bootlegger from New York. Fortunately nobody was injured.

The story at has since been removed.

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