Should America Be Shocked By 50 Cent’s Violence?

Chris Willman of Entertainment Weekly wonders if the lack of controversy surrounding ’s gun-praising album is a good or bad sign about our culture. “What’s most shocking about the 50 Cent album is that absolutely no one, as far as I’ve been able to tell, is shocked by it,” he said. “Cultural conservatives got so burned out complaining about lesser iniquities years ago that they basically gave up on even paying attention to this corner of the culture. Moderates who might have a more reasoned view of pop culture’s excesses hide their heads in the sand, just hoping their kids, at least, don’t start singing this alternately violent and sexist imagery in the car. Liberals who might otherwise crusade for gun control give this Glock-glorifying stuff a pass on the patronizing grounds that it’s reportage from the ‘hood.” Read more.

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