Should Eminem Apologize? Should We All Apologize?

Davey D. weighed in on ’s disparaging remarks about black women when he was 16, which were aired to the press by rivals Dave Mays and . Davey writes, “He should own up to it and apologize. He should do it, not because Dave Mays, Benzino and The Source are pressuring him. He shouldn’t apologize because of all the negative publicity that may erode some of his fan base and market share. He shouldn’t apologize because Interscope Records, XXL, Rollingstone, Radio and video outlets that play his music, Dr Dre and any other person or institution financially connected to Em will be questioned about their judgment or lack thereof. He should apologize because what he said was offensive and hurtful. And while, I understand, he may have been hurting himself when he made his songs, he still should apologize. As far as I’m concerned Black women deserve to hear that. If Em does do that and he is as sincere and forthcoming with his feelings as he is in his other songs, he will be several steps ahead of a whole lot of people who dis Black women and support the dissing of Black women everyday.” Read more.

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