Should Hip Hop Fans Boycott ‘Nellyville’?

Before the new album ‘Nellyville’ dropped yesterday, Davey D. shared his thoughts pro and con on whether people should take a cue from and boycott the disc. Davey mentioned his huge success with ‘Country Grammar’ and the recent success of the first single off his new album ‘Hot In Herre’ but said, “On the other hand, Nelly has come to epitomize everything that is wrong with Hip Hop to the underground/KRS-One fan. There are many that see Nelly as a manufactured icon. His constant exposure on MTV and on the commercial air waves is often viewed as the result of the major label hype machine at work.”

He added of hip hop’s older acts, “Somehow they have been pigeonholed as ‘over the hill,’ ‘out of touch’ and ‘irrelevant to Hip Hop.’ That’s very different from the type of response rock fans will have toward a group like No Doubt which hit the scene around the same time as a Public Enemy or KRS-One.” Read more.

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