Shyne Speaking On Real Beef did a Q&A with and asked him while there are rappers like Nas and Cam’ron showing him support, he’s also come across some beef with people like 50 Cent. “Beef is such a strong word, young bruh. You know in here [jail] it’s really beef,” Shyne said. “In here motherfu**ers got their sh** sharpened up and they gonna put something in you. There ain’t no talking. It’s unfair to consider these guys on my level. It’s unfair to do because they rapping… they in the studio like they ain’t living the sh** right now. As I talk to you right now I’m looking around because somebody might run up on me or I might have to run up on something. That’s beef! Those little kids out there that ain’t no beef. That’s just somebody got out of pocket and I had to check him. That’s all that was.” The entire interview at has since been removed.

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