Sicksteens (Malkovich Music)

Contributed anonymously:

I don’t remember exactly when I last heard a mixtape of underground emcees that held my attention to the point of me actually bobbing my head, a smile cast across my otherwise serious face, in appreciation for it’s lyrical mastery and the pure uniqueness of flow contained on one disk. It’s been a while. The last time I copped an actual mix that I thoroughly enjoyed was on cassette tape (remember those?) had to be back in 98-99,it was called, ‘Flossin’, there was an old Asian dude on the cover rockin a Castro hat, just grinning with some awful looking teeth. ‘Sicksteens’, released by Malcovich Music is surely a gift for the ears of any hiphop head that wants to hear straight up emceeing devoid of formula and predictability.

Update: The story at has since been removed.

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