Skaters – Hip-Hop’s New Saviors

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Last weekend I received a mailing from Koch records that had some truly classic music, re-releases of Murder Was The Case and The Doggfather and a compilation of Dr. Dre’s best songs from his Death Row years titled Chronicles. I was speaking with my old college roommate about the mailing, I get anywhere in the neighborhood of half a dozen to a dozen during any given week, but I hadn’t been this excited about one in a while. I told him what I had received and he hit me with a comment that I think pretty much covers how my generation views the current Hip-Hop landscape, “yeah, back when I liked the mainstream.” Yes, that’s right, mainstream Hip-Hop wasn’t always wack, and thanks to one segment of the Hip-Hop community that has pretty much stayed consistently true to what they like no matter what the rest of the world says, mainstream Hip-Hop might very well be great again in the near future. You can leave your gold teeth on your dresser, it’s time to throw some Vans on because Hip-Hop is about to be run by the skaters and things are going to be vastly better for it. For the full story, visit

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