Skills: This Sh** Is Hard

Skills checked in with fans on Myspace with the following bulletin on Monday (August 6):

In case y’all didn’t know? This industry will test you…lawd have mercy. I done been thru it all, setbacks, misfortunes, niggas stealing my sh**, checks bouncing, records coming out too soon, records coming out too late, labels fu**ing up, you name it I been thru it. But thru it all I wouldn’t change the experience, as I get closer to this next album dropping I get a funny feeling you know?

Some days I’m in my car and I think to myself “I just want this sh** to come out.” Y’all really have no clue of the sh** that I go thru just to get heard. It’s so much that goes along with it. A long time ago I was told some real life sh** and it went like this “Who you know will get you in the door and what you know will keep you there.” Its so true.

We just got the video added to MTV Jams and I’m so excited about that. Why? Because I did it myself… no one helped me at all. It’s kinda like gettin a car when you graduate… if your fam is well off and you knew from the 9th grade you would get your own car when you walked across that stage you’ll probably dog the sh** outta that car. Reason being was becuz there was no struggle in gettin it. If you saved your money and worked yo ass off to get that used Honda I bet you treat it like a Maybach.

I’ve had to struggle my whole career. Nothing came easy… that’s why I put so much in my music because it’s all I have. I still make sacrifices.. like the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival? I wanted to use live instruments and the label wouldn’t pay for it so I had to do it myself. Then I rehearsed for 3 days the day after we shot the video and tried to put together a show. 2 of the band members play in the church so they had to be back early Sunday. I picked cats up at 5am… drove to NYC… got there at 1.. soundchecked at 3… performed at 5 and left NYC around 7 and got back at like 2:30am… in the last hour I swore I would fall asleep… I got the window down singing Hall & Oates and sh**.. I was a mess. But then when I read a review saying that I was the best performer of the day it was all worth it. Cats from the label sending me text’s saying job well done and sh**!! And I’m thinking “Work wit me….and we can do some things.”

Point I’m trying to make is I still struggle y’all… so when I get emails saying “Help me out & put me on” I ain’t iggin you… I just ain’t in that position yet, Yeah…I got a label but all that means is that they gave me some money… and they aint gonna put out anything I co sign until I make THEM some money. But don’t get me wrong I love what I do… sh** I could be outside in 100 degree weather puttin shingles on a roof. Anyway… I’m rambling… Ima go back to the stu and keep doing what I love… long as y’all listening Ima keep spitting. And just know… every time you see my name on something… every time you see me pop up somewhere? Just know the only reason Im there is cuz someone believed in me as much as I believe in myself. So when you see me sittin in a audience at an awards show or something… I struggled to get in that damn seat!! TRUST THAT!!!

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