Slick Rick’s Wife Releases New Statement

’s wife Mandy Aragones has issued a statement saying:

“Though we have appealed numerous times and advocated both publicly and privately for the INS to drop their deportation order against Slick Rick, we are facing the very real possibility that Slick Rick will be deported from the country at a moment’s notice.”

“The INS has treated Rick unfairly throughout this process, and in my opinion has abused their authority in this matter. They are continuing to harass Rick, while unjustly holding him without bond. This past Wednesday, Rick was made to sign a passport application, something he had been refusing to do as it is a crucial step in removing him from the country. INS officers confronted Rick with the option of signing the application or facing the possibility of being moved to a jail for “uncooperatives,” from which he could be deported at the drop of a hat, even without a passport. In order to not take that particular risk, Rick signed the application.

“The INS is showing no signs of changing their minds, but neither are we. We are not taking this lying down. We are continuing to fight this case and appeal to the INS that they have targeted someone who is a credit, not a threat, to American culture. Ricky Walters built his life here in the United States of America, and, through his music, he made life here in the United States of America more enjoyable and exciting for many people.

“We are saddened about the possibility of Slick Rick being deported, and about the way his case has been handled, but no one is more heartbroken than Rick himself. For that reason, we have to continue to fight for him until the end. Ricky Walters is a law abiding, well-loved person in American culture. For the INS to send him away is for them to say they care nothing about the American constituency that they serve.

“I am urging everyone who loves Slick Rick to call The White House at 202.456.1111 in an joint effort with the Hip Hop Summit Action Network to call upon the President to take executive action to stop INS from deporting Rick.”

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