Slum Village Not Pressured By Q’s Comment

Whatdaumm of recently spoke with ’s Baatin and asked him if he felt any pressure when tried to christen you as the torch carriers for ‘A Tribe Called Quest’. “Not at all man. Not in one bit,” he said. “We always tried to do our thing. You know what Im saying? Not that we separate or nothing. We kinda restricted when it comes at what we do. But I will say it was a honor and a priviledge to hear that from coming cats,man. We dont like to say we carryin the torch for nobody. Our style is much different from Tribe. We a little vulgar get dis money,player, I dunno why Im effin the effin with you. Tribe wouldn’t say anythin like that. Its a difference. You know? It’s a honor to have worked with those cats. They schooled us. They saved us 5/6/7 years of agony opposed to the 2 years.”

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