Snoop Dogg Comments On Soulja Boy And Ice-T Beef

was on the phone with Power 98.3 FM in Phoenix on Tuesday (June 24), where the rapper weighed in on the beefing going on between and . “That’s young generation vs. young generation,” Snoop said. “It’s two different worlds. It’s like your grandfather and your grandson, they see things differently, cause the grandson think he know it all, then the grandfather think he know it all. But at the same time they both can learn from each other.” Listen to the interview below.

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One thought on “Snoop Dogg Comments On Soulja Boy And Ice-T Beef

  1. Mikey says:

    I think Soulja Boy is whack, he sucks…..if you are gonna try and diss old school, that just shows you ain’t nothing, rap wouldn’t be nothing without the old school, I think Ice-T should blast em in a rap battle, Old School vs. Wussy…..

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