Snoop Dogg Explains Suge Knight Diss

caught up with MTV News to discuss the diss on his new track ‘Pimp’t Slapped’, included on his forthcoming album ‘Paid Tha Cost to Be Da Boss’. “Anybody that calls me out is a lollipop, a sucker,” Snoop said as he licked his own pop. “I never paid no attention to him, but it just got to a point to where it was like every time I put a record out, [Knight] put a record out with me on it. And [he’s always] talkin’ about me and tryin’ to get at me and just doin’ negative things towards me and mine, so I just wanted to stand up to him and let him know that I ain’t no punk and I ain’t no little boy. I’m a grown-ass man and the way you bring it is the way you gotta take it.” Read more.

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