Snoop Dogg On Conan’s ‘Secrets’

Rapper was on with Conan O’Brien for his ‘Secrets’ skit. Read on for Snoop’s secrets.

Well, tonight, we have a very famous music star who’s willing to spill his guts for us on camera, tell us stuff that no one’s ever heard. Take a look.

[ Laughter ]

When I’m through with rap, I think I’d like to open an ice cream parlor.

[ Laughter ] And I’ll change my name to Scoop Dogg. I like ice cream.

[ Laughter ]

>> Secrets.

>> The thing that bothers me the most is when I go into a hardware store and I ask if they have any hoes, they think I’m joking.

[ Laughter ] But I can’t grow my prize-winnin’ tulips without a hoe. And there’s nothing funny about that.

[ Laughter ]


I’m actually allergic to dogs. They make me all itchy.

[ Laughter ]


My top ten single, “Gin and Juice,” wasn’t about drinkin’. It was about playin’ cards with them old people at the retirement home.

[ Laughter ] If there’s one thing those old people love more than playing gin, it’s drinkin’ juice.

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