Snoop Dogg On ‘The Tonight Show’

was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday to promote his new movie ‘Soul Plane’, which hits theaters on Friday. Snoop also discussed hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’, his desire to be one of the first black, great skiers, his ‘Doggy Fizzle Televizzle’ show, coaching his son’s football team, and more. Snoop didn’t bring up the divorce though. Read on for a transcript.

Jay: We are back! All righty. My first guest, a hugely popular rap
star. Also becoming a hugely popular movie star. He can be seen in the
new film “soul plane,” which opens nationwide this friday. Please welcome
snoop dogg!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. How you doing? Everything cool?

Snoop: All right, all right. Everything’s beautiful, baby.

Jay: Yeah, yeah.

[ Laughter ] So, I know you hosted “saturday night live.” I was working
— how did you like it? Did you like the feel of the live thing?

Snoop: It was fly, but I just think everything was so fast-paced. It
felt like I was in a track meet, ’cause I was constantly coming out of
wigs and changing into different outfits. But it was cool.

Jay: Do you get stage fright at all? I mean, knowing you’re live-live?

Snoop: The monologue, the beginning. ‘Cause I was like, “it’s the beginning.
If I mess up now, I can’t fix it.”

[ Laughter ]

Jay: That’s right.

[ Cheers and applause ] Exactly. Kind of like here!

Snoop: Yeah, yeah.

[ Laughter ] What up, america?

Jay: Did you do a monologue? Did you do jokes?

Snoop: Yeah, I did jokes. I did sketches. I had a good time.

Jay: Yeah, yeah, okay. So maybe you should do stand-up. You should come
on here sometime and just do, like, straight — like, combine rap with

Snoop: It might work.

[ Light laughter ] I’ll give it a shot.

Jay: Now, you have a new cartoon? What is this?

Snoop: What, “snooper fly”?

Jay: “Snooper fly”?

[ Laughter ] There are more variations on your name — now, what is
— what is “snooper fly”?

Snoop: Snooper fly was a fly that lived in the fly world.

Jay: Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Snoop: Y’all gotta bear with me. This is imagination.

Jay: See, now, I’m getting stuck in the vernacular. Did he actually
live in the fly world or the fly world?

Snoop: The fly, like, “bzzz.”

Jay: Oh, so actual fly world.

[ Laughter ] He didn’t live in the fly world.

Snoop: No, no, no.

Jay: Okay, so it’s a real fly living in the fly town.

Snoop: A real fly livin’ in the fly world. And he ends up landing on
some dog —

Jay: Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Snoop: You know what I’m talking about?

Jay: Yeah, yeah.

Snoop: And when he lands on this particular dog —

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: Yeah.

Snoop: — He becomes snooper fly, the flyest dog character that you
ever want to meet. He’s got beautiful ladies, big cars, nice homes. But
he always tends to go back and help the flies against the spider and the
ants and the — you know what I’m saying?

Jay: Yeah, yeah.

Snoop: So it’s a thing for the kids, but the adults — and it’s just
— it’s imagination, baby. Enjoy it.

Jay: Yeah, all right. It sounds good. Now, you know, you always seem
to be having a lot of projects going, between this and the movies. Would
you call yourself a a workaholic? I mean, ’cause you always seem to be
having a lot of things in the fire.

Snoop: I just love to work. I love what I do. And I’m gonna continue
to do it.

Jay: Is there anything you haven’t done yet you want to do?

Snoop: Um — skiing.

Jay: Skiing?

[ Laughter ] Skiing, yeah?

Snoop: Yeah, yeah, yeah. With the — you know.

[ Laughter ] You know how to do it.

Jay: There’s no graceful way to fall down. You just fall on your ass.
You can’t, really —

Snoop: I feel you. But I want to be, like, one of the first black, great
skiers. You know, to be going through —

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Well, right there, that ain’t gonna happen, okay?

[ Laughter ] Now, would you go down the hill by yourself, or would you
have the posse with you? Would you have, like — you know, like that 300-pound
guy, would he be in front of you? To break your fall? The guy with the
sandwich and the cell phone. You know who I mean.

Snoop: I would have to have my posse with me, just in case I take that
fall. They would help me break that fall.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You should try that. You know, you should do that. We should take
a crew and just go out —

Snoop: Let’s do it.

Jay: Yeah, and then just film your first — so you’ve never been on

Snoop: Well, I don’t even think I was on, like, a — what you call it,
a boogie board or — when you put your feet in there, you ride on it? What’s
that called?

Snoop: Audience: Snowboarding.

Snoop: Yeah, snowboard. I was on that. But I couldn’t control it, ’cause
I’m like, “how do I — what am I supposed to do?”

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: Yeah, exactly.

Snoop: It just didn’t work for me. You know what I’m saying? We didn’t
agree with each other.

Jay: Okay.

[ Laughter ] Now, let me ask you about your tv show, “doggy fizzle televizzle”
or whatever.

Snoop: Mm-hmm.

Jay: Okay. You played a lot of characters — explain this character.
Which character was this? Now, who is this guy with — ?

[ Laughter ]

Snoop: That’s reginald washington, aka captain pimp.

Jay: Captain pimp?

Snoop: Yeah.

Jay: All right, all right. And the teeth were your idea?

Snoop: Yeah, yeah. You know, just to have some fun, put something out
there. You know, make people smile a a little bit.

Jay: Yeah. Now, this one here, here you are with hugh, with hefner there.
Now, is t the mansion?

Snoop: Yeah, that’s oss to boss.Wjust goin’ one-on-one. Do you hang
e ath

Snoop: I mean, I’ve been there a a couple of times. I had one bad incident
I want to share with y’all about going to the mansion. I had a glass of
drink, right? And some beautiful bunnies came up and was like, “ooh, snoop
dogg, you got a pretty glass. Let me have some of your drink.” So, you
know me — I’m excited. I let them have a little sip of it. They give it
back to me. Next time I sip it, I fall out. I’m like, “what is this? What
did you all do to me?” They poisoned me! They want to rape me!

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Now, when did you wake up from this dream? That really happened,

Snoop: No, I’m just playing with you.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You know, a friend of mine went to the “playboy” mansion. And he
had never been there. And he was, like, really nervous. So he goes out
in the back to have a cigarette. And he’s standing by a tree. And he sees
two naked girls together in the grass. And he just hides behind the tree.
And the security guard comes over and goes, “uh, no smoking.”

[ Laughter ] Look, we’ll take a break. More with snoop dogg right after

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with snoop dogg. You know, I always see these
cool pictures of you, but I’ve got to ask you about a picture I saw of
you recently. Explain this photo right here. Take a look up there. Who?

[ Laughter ]

Snoop: That’s me in my high school prom. I just cut my hair and everything,
you understand? I was looking for the new me at that time.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: It’s a good thing you found him. That’s a frightening photo.

Snoop: Yeah, yeah. I mean, as a kid, you go through things. I’m pretty
sure john could pull something out of your closet you wouldn’t be smiling

[ Laughter ] Matter of fact, I seen that movie the other night. What
was the name of it, “collision course”?

[ Laughter ]

Jay: The movie I did with pat morita?

Snoop: Yeah.

Jay: How high were you to watch that movie?

Snoop: You and mr. Miyagi. I was laughing.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You enjoy the film?

Snoop: It was nice, though. I enjoyed it. I stayed up all night. It
was 3:15 in the morning. I was up watching it.

Jay: Well, thank you very much. Now, let me ask you — are these your
kids on your shirt?

Snoop: Yeah, these are my three babies right here.

Jay: Oh, cool. Look at that. That’s great. Look at that. That’s nice.
Now, you’re still coaching your son’s football team, right?

Snoop: All the time. All the time.

Jay: How’s that going? Okay?

Snoop: Actually, we’re off right now. We’re getting ready to get back
into the season at the end of july and august. So, you know, all the kids
are getting ready, getting their school grades right, you know, being ready
to go out there and play football.

Jay: Now, do you see yourself in your kids? Like, you go, “oh, yeah,
I was exactly like that.”

Snoop: Yeah, I see myself in all of my kids. Each one of them individually
has their own special, you know, thing about them that I see. You know,
but I love them all the same way. I want to say “what’s up” to them right

Jay: Yeah. How about this?

[ Applause ] I guess you just have to behave yourself around the kids?

Snoop: I’m a grown-up man, jay.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: We can’t have any, like, weed and stuff around the kids?

Snoop: No, man. What is weed?

[ Laughter ] Did you hear him? What did he say?

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You hear these rumors.

Snoop: No, man, you know, we outgrew that.

Jay: You outgrew it?

Snoop: Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: So, when was the last time —

Snoop: Only grew it outdoors.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: So, it’s been awhile?

Snoop: Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Now, tell us about “soul plane.” You’re the pilot?

Snoop: Yeah, I’m captain antoine mac of the soul plane.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Tell people what the picture’s about.

Snoop: Well, it’s about a guy, kevin hart, who plays the lead. He inherits
a lump sum of money, so he buys an airline because he was done wrong with
an airline. He makes the first black airline, nwa, and I’m hired as the
pilot. And it’s just off the hook. Imagine that.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: All right, let’s take a a look. Here’s a scene, “soul plane.” Take
a look.

We have a birthday girl, captain. This is heather hunkee. She wanted
to see our cockpit.

So, how old are you?

I just turned 18.

Is that right?


Oh, boy.

[ Over intercom ] “Attention, all players, the upper deck will be open
for your enjoyment. We have a passenger who just turned 18 years old. Her
name is heather hunkee, and she is one cute little hottie with a whole
lotta body. Oh, yeah, she’ll be upstairs, so all players come up there
and keep her company.”


[ Applause ]

Jay: Now, let me ask you — now you’re doing a lot of movies. Are there
any actresses you want to work with?

Snoop: Definitely.

Jay: Like who?

Snoop: Like halle berry.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Halle berry?

Snoop: Yeah.

Jay: No, I said actresses you want to work with.

Snoop: Yeah, I want to work with her. I like her work. I like the way
she works.

Jay: You can’t do it without using your hands, you notice that?

Snoop: Yeah, you can.

Jay: That’s what you said.

Snoop: Yeah, I hear you.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: Have you ever met her?

Snoop: Yeah, I met her.

Jay: Oh, you met her. Okay, okay. So did you say, “I’d like to do a
picture with you”?

Snoop: No, at that time, I wasn’t really in the movies. You know what
I’m saying? I was just, you know, trying to be a rapper.

Jay: Okay. But you’d like to now. Now, tell me about the new group.

Snoop: 213. Me, warren g and nate dogg, they’re my childhood friends.
We decided to come together and put a group together.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now, where does “213” come from?

Snoop: Well, actually, 213 was the area code for all of southern california
back in the ’80s. So, that’s what we’re gonna stick with ’cause that’s
what we were known as when we first came out. And it’s just, you know,
representative of what we come from.

Jay: Oh, cool. All right. So, well, watch for that.

Snoop: Why not?

Jay: Okay, the picture’s “soul plane.” Opens friday. Snoop, buddy, thanks.
Be right back with the fabulous moolah and the great mae young.

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