Snoop Dogg On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to promote his new album and new MTV show ‘Doggy Fizzle
Televizzle’ which premieres tonight at 10:30 PM ET/PT. Snoop also did a Thanksgiving holiday rap to end the show. Check out a transcript by reading on.

TRL: That was no. 8 o-town “these are the days” appearing on your
count down now, listen, listen, listen I don’t know what to say I’m just
gonna bring him out snoop dogg is not house, yes snoop, yeah!


[Background music] Snoop what is the deal? It’s always good to have
you on trls what cracka likin’.

Snoop: I’m chillin’ do the most up the coast.

TRL: Of course we’re here to talk about your new T.V. Show “doggy fizzle
televizzle” premierein’ tonight at 10:30 P.M. Not yourypical show tell
me all about it “doggy fizzle televizzle”.

Snoop: Like a comedy sketch show where I j just havin’ a good time makin’
people laugh and doin’ something you never seen me do, smilin’.

TRL: Definitely. We’ll take a peek at you rollin’ through arby’s let’
see what it’s like take a look back up a little bit you’re nnnna hit the
front end of your car (horn honking)


Snoop: That be $8.84. ‘Appreciate your time and your patience, man.
It’s hard when we get ou of jail they don’t like to give us jobs

Arby’s Customer: You are not in jail.

Arby’s Customer: You are not in jail I work every day I don’t know what
you do.

Snoop: That’s what I’m doin’, I’m workin’, man, I’m workin’ my kids
need new shoes.

Arby’s Customer: You are [Bleep] Around.

Snoop: Just because you sayin’ that you ain’t gettin’ your change.

TRL: That is crazy. Make sure you check for that premiere tonight at
10:30 P.M.. snoop, music, movies T.V., Is there anything you can’t do?

Snoop: I don’t know, ha-ha

Snoop: I try to do it all.

MTV: Check this out we want you to order pizza when we get back for
the entire audience but the catch you got to do it in your snoop slang
and see if we can get it here are y’all hungry


Snoop: You wanna do it


TRL: We’ll see if we can get this pizzae, all right find out next


TRL: Welcome back to trl and, yes our 8 crazy videos contest is on the
way. You need to keep watching to spot adam sandler. I’m hangin’ out with
big snoop dogg. We know you have your own way of speakin’ so you promised
you would order us pizza. I’m hungry. Y’all a right


Snoop: We’ll call a pizza up and see if yoan get some pizza here. I
heard this was the hottest joint in time. Let’s what we come up with. Let
me make sure

[Background music] (Phone ringing).

Pizza Man: — Can I help you.

Snoop: Why I’d like to make an order for about pizzles, my nizzle can
you handle that for me.

Pizza Man:Sure.

Snoop: 12

[Inaudible] With ground bizzwith cheesy and send ’em to mtv-fisoodz
soodz le real fast.

Snoop: You hear that.

Snoop: Hold on a second while you give you my information ‘drg.

Snoop: I’m at trl you know where that’s at.

Pizza Man:Yeah, of course.

Snoop: Spend themp here full sp ahead bring the fool.

Pizza Man:Okay.

Snoop: Chill you got to go.

TRL: Ha-ha pizza is on the way

[Applause] Cheez.

TRL: You got to hgut and we’ll talk to you about being your own boss
and this album right now at 7 sum 41 “still waiting”


TRL: That was no. 7 sum 41 “still waiting” they were 10 friday still
hangin’ out with snoop dogg we gotta talk about it thelbum drops tomorrow
now we know you’re all over this, this is the snoop album completely who
else guest appears.

Snoop:Uest from jay-z, ludacris, redman my homeie

[Inaudible] Production from the neptunes, hi-tech so on and on just
go get the album.

TRL: So on and so onet it it’s not a master P.Or dre album but a snoop
aum. How muchk goento being the own boss of your own project.

Snoop: It take as lot of worko put your own record o your own two feet
and I thank dre and mas for showing me what to be able to do I put my heart
and soul into the project and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

TRL: Definitely the first video is crazy over the y you hit us with
crazy videos how do you keep thinkin’ of ideas?

Snoop: I sit back a home andick with my kids and see what they like
and people aund the world like and try to uhm up with something that’s
new and different and fly.

TRL: A rumor going around you and hov doin’ an album, a whole a up about?

Snoop: He mean, I would love to do an album with him we never sat down
and talked about it but a lot of people always felt he was the king of
the east coast and I with the west coast we need to come together with
unit if he’s open for I’m open for it.

TRL: What y’all think snoop and jay-z


Snoop: My plans for the holidays I’ll spend time with the family and
go back to the house to get ready f christmas I got to doT.

TRL: Look we want you to write us a turkey day rhyme so I’ll send you
in your own productivity room to write this and when you come back you
can spit it for us already.

Snoop: Give me two minutes I got it for you.

TRL: You got it.


Snoop: Yeah, yeah, what my mic sound like.

Snoop: All right.

Snoop: — I wanna hit you with these turkey raps, somethin’ for the
holiday season can you dig it I know y’all like that cranberrys and pumpkin
pies and football and stuff comin’ on T.V. Thanksgiving style check it
out () ( ) gobble, gobble hobble action hobble make ‘uhm all

[Inaudible] What would this day behout a


Go good with some mashed potatoes hangin’ out with your family watchin’
some basic cable I’m able to do it because I’m fluid from the get-go give
sme in apple pie sheepz collard things and all types of things you know
what, happy thanksgiving thank the lord that you still livin’ sing it with
me happy thanksgiving thank the lord that you still livin’ yeah, one more
time happy thanksgiving thank the lord you’re still livin’ one m time y’all
happy thanksgiving thank the lord that you’re still livin’ peace .

TRL: Yes, give it up for snoop dogg his album is? Stores tomorrow thank
you for comin’ by, no doubt

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