Snoop Dogg Planning Doggy Land Theme Park

MuchMusic caught up with in Vancouver on Wednesday, but wasn’t allowed to talk with the rapper about his brother-in-law who was found dead Tuesday in a Las Vegas apartment where he barricaded himself after allegedly wounding a police officer. He did talk about the Muppet Christmas special though. “Yeah, a very special Muppet Christmas that’s what I was out here to do today to shoot that. I had a great time today,” Snoop said. “I can’t even lie to you. They really turned me on today, I really fell in love with the Muppets all over again.” Snoop also clued in the music network on a new venture. “I’m trying to create a park right now called Doggy Land where we have a lot of rides and fun filled things for the kids as well as the adults,” he revealed. “I’m just trying to get it together and find the right location, so be on the look out for it.”

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