Snoop Dogg Speaks Out On Muppets Removal

Spin magazine spoke with for his thoughts on the Jim Henson Company announcment that it was removing Snoop Dogg’s scene from its Muppets NBC Christmas special last year, a move that had likely been prompted by civil rights activist Najee Ali and Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly. “Fu** the Muppets,” he said. “I didn’t ask them to be on The Muppets, they asked me. Got me to fly to Vancouver, Canada–my first time flying since 9/11. I wanted to do something for the kids, you know what I’m saying?” Snoop added, “Why do people even worry about what I do? It’s not one person who makes the decision on who I’m supposed to be or how I’m supposed to act. The public chooses. That sh** I did [with Kermit the Frog] was fly. But it don’t hurt my feelings that they cut it out.”

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