Snoop Dogg Stops By TRL Monday

spotted by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday. Snoop basically was pimping his new action figure and new album. Carson never asked him about his brother-in-law that died last week. Snoop later was playing football on a Playstation and dispensing occasional comments to ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry and the latest ousted ‘American Idol’ RJ Helton. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Please welcome the one and only Snoop Dogg. Snoop?!


Carson: How you doin’ my man.

Snoop: Good to see you, always a pleasure.

Carson: Lookin’ mighty colorful what you got there, snoop.

Snoop: My little — my new action figure named little junior.

Carson: A little junior doll, available? Stores people can pick it up.

Snoop: Yeah.

Carson: What does it come with, the features rockin’ some sneakers, a little chain show that to the camera there.

Snoop: That’s little junior right there, y’all


Carson: Clothing line, too.

Snoop: Got to do it, man.

Carson: Wha’ssup.

Snoop: I’m chillin’ you.

Carson: Good.

Snoop: That’s right.

Carson: Every time you are here you give me new lingo.

Snoop: For shissooedz le.

Carson: You talked me what’s cracka likin’, a little —


Carson: Use it in a sentence.

Snoop: Say something to me.

Carson: Snoop, it’s great to have you here on trl.

Snoop: Ana man.

Snoop: Ha-ha, what’s cracka likin’.

Snoop: Chech.

Carson: Aina man


Carson: We have a lot to talk about, first the album.

Snoop: Yeah. It’s in stores now


Carson: Snoop when you say all stars it might lead somebody to believe
you yourself aren’t on it that much, how much are you on it.

Snoop: A whole lot like 75, 80% I put together my new artists you know we came with somethin’ funky and fly to represent the whole world.

Carson: Ana man?

Snoop: Aina man.

Carson: I don’t think I have told you this but I really enjoy your film work.

Snoop: Thank you.

Carson: “Bones” was grit and “training day” will we see you on screen soon and is that something you are still interested in.

Snoop: Yeah, I’m actually workin’ on a movie right now I’m puttin’ myself
called “4800” and featured in “old school” and supposed to be playin’ huggy bare in Starksy and Hutch.

Carson: You heard rumblings around here you may be doin’ a show here
on MTV.

Snoop: I’m working on my own show.

Carson: What will you call it.

Snoop: The name of the show is doggy fizzlaedz tela fizzle.

Carson: Ha-ha. Aina man you can hang.

Snoop: Sure.

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  1. bcpl says:

    Haha that’s great I can’t wait to buy it!

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