Snoop Dogg Visits Last Call With Carson Daly

was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday, where he spoke about his feelings for marijuana and his desire for it to become legal. Snoop says, “I feel like this. I mean, I wasn’t brought up in the era of prohibition and the alcohol and all of that, but I do know and understand, by them killin’ and controllin’ it, it’s more controllable. And I know that if we do, you know, put the marijuana out there to be sold, it’s more controllable. And it’s not a drug that creates violence, that creates, you know, all of these other negative influences that these other drugs that are, you know, out there, are creating. So I feel like this is a drug that’s a peaceful drug, it’s uniting people. You know, I’m not sayin’ drugs are good, you know what I’m sayin’? But at the same time, everybody that I get down with, that I smoke weed with, it’s a beautiful thing.” Read more.

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