Snoop Dogg Visits ‘The Tonight Show’

stopped by ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Tuesday night to promote his hosting gig for the Spike TV Video Game Awards which air on December 14th. Snoop talked a bit about the Vibe Awards violence, the fight with the Pacers and the Pistons in Detroit the other night, his recent visit to USC to meet with the #1 ranked Trogan football team, all his marketing deals, trying to surf or ski, his new Doggy Biscuits shoes, his MTV ‘Cribs’ appearance, and wrapped up talking about video games. Read on for the complete transcript.

Jay: My first guest, a hugely popular rap star and actor. He’ll host
spike tv’s video game awards airing live on december 14th. Please welcome
snoop dogg!

[ Screams and applause ]

Jay: Looking good. Welcome to the show. Good to see you again.

Snoop: Thank you for having me back, as usual.

Jay: We always enjoy having you. Like a lot of people I saw the music
awards. What happened at the “vibe” awards?

Snoop: Um —

Jay: You were there. You were on stage. Were you surprised, shocked?

Snoop: It was like the basketball game you know. A couple of the fans
threw a a few cups, you know.

Jay: Why dr. Dre’? I mean, he’s well respected.

Snoop: I don’t know, man. There’s so much hatred and jealousy in the
rap community. And like I say, we push past and move forward so it didn’t
stop nothing. He knows what he’s up against, you know what I’m saying.
I’m sad it had to happen while he was receiving his lifetime achievement

Jay: Yeah, I mean, how do you deal with that? Do you sit down with these
guys afterward? Do people talk it out?

Snoop: They try to get an understanding with each other so it wouldn’t
never happen again you know what I mean? I mean, confrontations happen.
You never know when they happen. You got to be prepared.

Jay: The guy who stabbed him, young buck, that was the guy’s name, right?

Snoop: I don’t watch the news. So I don’t know.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: I remind you, you’re under oath, mr. Dogg.

Snoop: I don’t watch the news, you know what I’m saying.

Jay: My question, how do you get an eight-inch knife through security?
You were probably frisked. Everybody gets frisked, right?

Snoop: He must know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody.

Jay: Why don’t you watch the news? You don’t want to be informed?

Snoop: Because it’s bad news. It never comes on with “today was a beautiful
day.” It’s always something negative. So I care not to watch it.

Jay: Just watch the more upbeat news?

Snoop: Yeah, yeah, in the streets.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: All right, all right. Now, I guess young buck turned himself in.
Did you know that?

Snoop: I heard that much on the radio.

Jay: Oh, on the radio, okay.

[ Applause ] Let me ask you about the game. Do you think he was treated
fairly? Indiana pacers, artest?

Snoop: I think they probably should have gave him, like, 50 games and
probably gave him a couple of classes or something to try to help him,
instead of just taking his pay away like that you know what I’m saying,
with no help.

Jay: This is like nine or ten times it’s happened.

Snoop: Still, you should give him help if he’s part of your league and
your organization. If you have programs designed to help him, at least
reach out and try to help him.

Jay: I think what they think is you suspend him for the whole season
and it goes to arbitration and you’re down to 30, 40 games. If you do 30,
40 games, then they negotiate it down to, like, five or ten games, right?

Snoop: I don’t think there’s no negotiation in that one right there.

Jay: Sprewell when he choked the coach —

Snoop: That was different, though. Because that was a personal, one-on-one.
He didn’t know who — when artest jumped in the crowd, he just thought
that that was somebody that threw the cup which it actually wasn’T. But
the coach really said something to make sprewell choke him out.

[ Light laughter ] So that was acceptable in my book.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Jay: You’re a coach now, right?

Snoop: Yeah, yeah. I coach little league football. We don’t have that

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: No, don’t have that problem. Now, you call yourself the dogg-father,

Snoop: That’s me.

Jay: When you coach what do you say to the kids? How do you motivate

Snoop: I motivate with reality. I try to teach them things that’s going
to be valuable when they become you know, men in life. It’s just reality
I teach them. Sometimes it deals with football. Sometimes it deals with
real life.

Jay: Like what is your style? Are you laid back? Do you get in their

Snoop: I’m like coach tom landry, the old dallas cowboy coach. Relaxed
and calm. I can explode when I have to. But, for the most part, it’s about
you doing your assignments and me being the fun-loving coach.

Jay: Give me an example. Say that camera two, there, is one of your

Snoop: Get up, get the job done, quit playing. You know what time it
is. Make something happen.

[ Applause ]

Jay: You played with the trojans, right?

Snoop: I went up there with the number one usc trojans.

Jay: Are you a big trojans fan.

Snoop: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Jay: Why the trojans?

Snoop: Usc. University of south central. I mean, why not?

Jay: It makes sense.

Snoop: That’s the hometown. A lot of kids that grow up in the california
area, we dream of going to usc so it’s like — we don’t have an nfl team
so that’s all we have is usc, basically, so we ride with them to the end.

Jay: We have tape. Do you just walk in and surprise these guys?

Snoop: Yeah, I just, you know, stop by to pay them the visit because
they’re the number one team in the nation. I’m the number one rapper in
the nation. Why not?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Okay. We got this from “mtv-U.” They’re going to air this. This
is a clip. The guys don’t know you’re coming?

Snoop: Uh-uh.

Jay: Let’s take a look.

Here in the home of national champion, usc trojans, I’m hosting today.
Stand in big snoop dogg, call me coach snoop. Usc, snoop dogg, number one
player, number one collegiate team in the nation. Why not? Let’s do it.

[ Cheering ]

[ Applause ]

Jay: You know, we should have you come do our warm-up.

Snoop: I mean, do y’all get rowdy like that? Do you get hyped up like

Jay: Well, they don’t take their shirts off.

Snoop: Why not?

Jay: That’s what I say, why not? Take a break? More snoop dogg right
after this. Be right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Snoop: Next “inside edition” — if you were flying and the unthinkable
happened, would you know what to do? “Inside edition” takes you inside
a jet simulator to show you how to survive a plane crash, underwater, in
smoke —

Snoop: You can’t see a foot in front of your face.

Snoop: You can make it out alive.

Snoop: Pull your maeva”uj )*s&Y.

Snoop: Then, a small community’s having 100 babies. So we’re throwing
america’s biggest baby shower. How do you throw a baby shower for 100 babies?

Jay: Welcome back. I’m with snoop dogg. You were just in hawaii?

Snoop: Yeah, thinking about hawaii, aloha.

Jay: What were you doing in hawaii.

Snoop: I had a show I did for red bull. There was a corporate party
that they had and they wanted snoop dogg to perform for them. So I went
and I lit it up.

Jay: I see you with these corporate — is it t mobile?

Snoop: Yes. I’m with everybody. You know what I’m saying? I’m moving,
everything moving, I’m moving with it.

Jay: Is it funny sitting down with these corporate —

Snoop: “Snoop dogg, inc.” You know what I’m saying.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: When you sit down, do they say, “well mr. Dogg, we put together
a proposal.”

Snoop: Yeah, and afterward they be like “fa-shizzle.”

[ Laughter and applause ]

Snoop: When you’re in hawaii do you do hawaii stuff. Do you surf? Do
you go snorkelling?

Snoop: No, I stay up out of the water. I’m scared of sharks.

Jay: Scared of sharks.

Snoop: The dogg can’t — I’m not fast in water like I am on dry land.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: They put you in a shark cage.

Snoop: I’m cool. You not gonna read about me like in that with a serious

Jay: Not even surfing or anything?

Snoop: Nah.

Jay: Snorkel?

Snoop: What can I do to prevent this shark from getting me underwater?
Kick him, push him, what? Nothing.

Jay: Well, yeah. Well, that’s true. That’s true.

Snoop: I’d rather stay on dry land.

Jay: You go in the pool?

Snoop: I know how to ski, though.

Jay: You ski? You’re a big skier?

Snoop: Yeah. No, man.

Jay: No, you don’t ski.

[ Laughter ]

Snoop: I tried it before. I tried it and I didn’t have the coordination
for it. It just didn’t —

Snoop: You’re an athletic guy.

Snoop: Yeah, basketball, football.

Jay: It’s no different.

Snoop: It is sort of kind of different because your legs, you don’t
know how they fared, but I was sliding down the hill. I couldn’t stop or

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You just did it one time.

Snoop: Went back up the hill after I did it the first time. I thought
I could do it. It didn’t happen.

Jay: At least you tried. Did you take lessons? Did somebody teach you.
Or did you just get on –?

Snoop: It was in switzerland. They didn’t really understand how to speak
english. And I didn’t understand what they were saying.

Jay: Did you have your guys with you? I mean, they weren’t giving the
lessons were they?

Snoop: That’s what the problem was. My security didn’t have no skis
on. I’m out there for dead.

Jay: I just can’t see those guys on skis.

Snoop: It doesn’t happen.

Jay: Especially the big guy with the garbage can lid thing there.

[ Scattered applause ] Just don’t see him on skis. You’re designing
shoes too? Is that what these are.

Snoop: I brought you some.

Jay: These are your —

Snoop: Yeah, they’re “doggy biscuits.”

Jay: That’s the name of these?

[ Laughter ]

Snoop: Yeah. Got your letters of your name stitched on the side. “Jl.”

Jay: That’s cool. And look, you got the thing, there. Cool, I’ll wear

Snoop: It pops off. See the top? You open the top, pop that out. Snoop
dogg, live in effect for you.

Jay: That’s very cool. I’ll wear those. I’ll wear those.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Snoop: Now you can get your walking on in those.

Jay: Good driving shoe.

Snoop: Good drive-by shoes.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: What’s next? Are you going to do lingerie?

Snoop: Yeah, I’m doing negligee. I got women’s underwear, called “snoop
on the poop.”

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You might want to rethink the name a little bit.

Snoop: Let the women be the —

Jay: Be the judge. I just can’t see them asking for “snoop on the poop.”

Snoop: You know me. I’m a little on the edge.

Jay: That’s true. Now you’re doing an episode of “cribs” with your cars.

Snoop: Yeah, mtv, showing a few of my cars. I know you like cars.

Jay: I love cars.

Snoop: I showed them my 300 with the lamborghini doors.

Jay: Oh, you got the new chrysler –? With the doors that –?

Snoop: They stand and deliver. Just stand and watch you.

Jay: “Stand and deliver.”

Snoop: Yeah, that’s what they do. You jump up — the door goes up.

Jay: It does that.

Snoop: Just sit up there like that.

Jay: You got the big wheels?

Snoop: Yeah.

Jay: The 78 inch?

Snoop: 22s.

Jay: 22s. You don’t want to go too much.

Snoop: Yeah, just enough. You know what I’m saying?

Jay: How many cars you got now?

Snoop: About 23 cars.

[ Audience gasps ] I need ’em.

Jay: Now, that seems about normal — to me. See, you like the style.
I like to go fast. You like the style.

Snoop: I got a carera. I call it “tia carera,” a a porsche. Midnight
blue with the black interior.

Jay: Oh, very nice. You like the stick –?

Snoop: Sun roof in the back seat so the smoke can blow this way.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: I don’t know how you get smoke in the car unless it’s on fire.
But, hey that’s another thing. You’re hosting the video game awards?

Snoop: Yeah, yeah.

Jay: What’s that about?

Snoop: It’s about video games, because video games is taking over the
world. In case y’all don’t know. It’s a beautiful thing the way they bring
it all to life with the sports games and action games. It keeps a lot of
kids out of trouble and keeps them at home. So that’s why I’m so supportive
of video games. I wish we had them when I was a a kid. I’m hosting the
video game awards where they give awards to the best game, the best character,
the best music, or whatnot. It’s just something fun that I’m doing.

Jay: Cool. Obviously you got a movie — december 14th is the video game?

Snoop: Yeah.

Jay: You’re doing another movie?

Snoop: Yeah, called “the tenants.”

Jay: It’s a serious one?

Snoop: It’s real. I play willie spearmint.

Jay: ‘Cause you were, like, kind of funny —

Snoop: This is like, completely opposite from — it’s drama.

Jay: Now, you got a game tonight? You’re coaching tonight.

Snoop: I gotta coach. We have a big playoff game coming up this week.

Jay: How’s your team? How are they doing?

Snoop: We’re 11-0. If we win, we go to the super bowl.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Wow. Snoop, thanks for the shoes — I mean the “biscuits.”

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