Snoop Drops The Drugs

spoke with Radio 1 about his decision to stop drinking and using drugs, and the shock reaction his hip hop pals had when they learned about the move. “I was really starting to feel like a drug addict, because you associate Snoop Dogg with weed,” the rapper explained. “It wasn’t good movies or great music, it was Snoop Dogg…weed… I just said ‘I don’t want it no more.’ I just left it alone, and once I started leaving it alone… I’m so controlled now, you know what I’m saying, I’m a better person, I’m a better father – it helped me to coach football. When I stopped smoking, I put signs up at my studio ‘no smoking, no alcohol, no nothing’ and the homies were coming over and they were like ‘damn, he really ain’t smoking, he’s really serious!'”

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