Soulja Boy And Bow Wow Make Peace

and ’s recent phone conversation was recorded, where the two young rappers talked about their recent beef, and how Soulja Boy thought Bow Wow crossed the line in the light-hearted back and forth when he mentioned Soulja Boy was afraid to go back to Atlanta. That prompted Bow Wow to talk about how he tried to get in touch with Soulja Boy the night his house was invaded and he was allegedly robbed and assaulted. “You ain’t no threat to me, I ain’t no threat to you,” Bow Wow told Soulja Boy. Listen to the conversation via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Soulja Boy And Bow Wow Make Peace

  1. A2Y says:

    Soulja Boy Tell Em ha ha you ain’t nothing. Bow Wow sings acts and has more cv than you loser.

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