Soulja Boy Apologizes For “Fu** The Army Troops” Lyrics

Soulja Boy

checked in with his Twitter followers (@souljaboy) moments ago, apologizing for his lyrics in his new single ‘Let’s Be Real’, where the 21-year-old raps “Fu** the FBI and the army troops … fighting for what? Be your own man” Soulja Boy also posted an apology letter at Global Grind. Soulja Boy Tweets:

Deeply apologetic. But the violence must stop. We could have taken the funds spent on war and put them into education.

There are people in this country who know the truth behind these wars. I would never disrespect America. Come on my name is Soulja Boy.

I respect the US and the soldiers. I don’t respect innocent lives being taken. I love you all. very deeply sorry of those who took offense.

I’m sorry I didn’t know my music was listened to by so many ears I didn’t mean any disrespect. Some people just mess with me. Y’all know it.

Some people just mess with me because it’s me. Y’all know that for a fact. They know I love America they just doing this because it’s me. Whatever.

Somebody gotta stand up and say something! I HAVE FAMILY IN THE ARMY :(

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