Soulja Boy, Arab & Cash Camp Diss Track

The pile on continues, this time with a Lima, Ohio group going after the rapper and his crew and Cash Camp. A blog posting at the group’s MySpace explained that they were dissing Soulja Boy because “he stole our song ‘Swag’ changed da beat up a lil did a lil gay dance for it and den lied about the sh**.” As for Arab, they say “he [roll] wit dat bitch Soulja Boy and did that gay ass dance wit him.” And finally with Cash Camp because “real talk we ain’t have nutten against them but my girl I [know] in Atlanta said Arab hit her up like ‘Me, Dre and Cash Camp bout to do a dance diss on these ni**as’, so dats the reason they had to get it.” Listen to the diss track below.

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One thought on “Soulja Boy, Arab & Cash Camp Diss Track

  1. megan says:

    Y’all niggas need to get a life

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