Soulja Boy Depressed About Lies And Being Dissed

Soulja Boy

checked in with his MySpace friends (@souljaboytellem) on Wednesday (January 9). He writes:

Life is short.. Man sometimes I just want to quit rapping and become a regular dude again.. I need y’all more than ever.. Rumors being spreaded about me daily.. Dudes dissin me left and right.. Lying making up sh**.. The Media lying trying fu** up my career.. Hataz Multiplying everyday.. I guess this is the price of living my dream.. :depressed:

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3 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Depressed About Lies And Being Dissed

  1. noneofyourbizman says:

    Soulja Boy Killed Hip Hop… R.I.P

  2. tdawg says:

    Hey Soulja Boy, you work for Satan so it’s probably not gonna feel to so quit or shut the fu** up we don’t wanna hear that sh**

  3. Libby says:

    I dont want you to stop rapping you are the best and my hero and you are cute as I don’t know what and if you stop rapping I am going to lose my mind andi can wait to I tuner 18 but now i am 13 and you need to come up with a other rap real fast and i lovE you soulja Boy byeeee. Booo

    P.s. love you


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