Soulja Boy: Nobody Can Stop Me But Me

Soulja Boy America's Most Wanted tour

talked with 5 Gum about the America’s Most Wanted tour with Lil Wayne and how he is making good music. “I like to make good music for the people, man,” the rapper said. “I like to keep everybody entertained. I like to give people what they ask for.”

As for those who thought ‘Crank That’ would be his only hit before he came back with ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’, Soulja Boy said, “A lot of people said I was gonna be this, I was gonna be that, but I had other plans from the get go. Now I’m droppin all this hot music like all the mixtapes that I’m doing and all the features that I’m doing. All the different business ventures that I’m getting into that’s even outside of music. I just look at it like, ‘Maann, can’t nobody stop my show but me. If my career ends or if I was to choose to be a one hit wonder, it would have to be my decision. Can’t nobody else tell me different.”

Watch part one of the interview via MySpace below.

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