Soulja Boy Says ‘Bird Walk’ Is For The Fans, Not The Critics

tells Tim Kash of MTV News he made his new song ‘Bird Walk’ for his fans, not the critics, and addressed his public beef with Ice-T. Asked what his critics would say about the track, the teen rapper responded, “They gonna say he’s back again. He sucks, he’s killing hip hop, he’s lame. Blah blah blah, it’s the same thing as ‘Crank That’, but they didn’t like ‘Crank That’, so why would they like ‘Bird Walk’?” Soulja Boy said off all the people that spoke out against ‘Crank That’, Ice-T’s comment to “eat a dick” got to him. Watch the clip below.

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One thought on “Soulja Boy Says ‘Bird Walk’ Is For The Fans, Not The Critics

  1. WheresTheGoldenAge? says:

    This kid Soulja Boy definitely needed a wake up call. I’m glad Ice T said what he said. If Soulja Boy made music appealing to most critics he wouldn’t get no heat. All his fan girls are willing to stick with him no matter what he does. Why doesn’t he get Kanye to produce some of his beats or something ? Kanye already defended him. Either way, Soulja Boy is a disgrace. He is a joke!

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