Soulja Boy Thinks Bow Wow Took It Too Far

Tell Em responds candidly about his beef with on, taking the KIIS DJ out in his Lamborghini. The rapper talked abot the YouTube video where Bow Wow turned his nose up at his Lamborghini since it wasn’t a Mercielago and dismissed Soulja Boy’s claim that his ride was rented by showing the paperwork, warning his sidekick Arab to “watch your boyfriend. He’s on suicide watch.” Bow Wow also offered to buy 100,000 ‘iSouljaboyTellem’ albums to save the one hit wonder’s life.

“I think he just took it too far,” Soulja Boy said of Bow Wow. “I don’t know if he did it on purpose or it’s something that’s been inside him that he’s wanted to say. You never know.” Soulja Boy added that Bow Wow texted him and said “don’t take nothing personal, I’m just playin.” But Soulja Boy said “you don’t play like that. He knew the situation, when I was in Atlanta, I could’ve died that night,” referring to the incident where he was supposedly assaulted and robbed at his Atlanta home, prompting him to flee to Los Angeles. “No it’s over for you ni**a,” Soulja Boy tells Bow Wow. “Your whole career is over with. You ain’t selling no motherfu**in albums. This is your last album. You better stick to your acting cause it’s over for you ni**a.” Watch the interview below.

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2 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Thinks Bow Wow Took It Too Far

  1. champagne luvBow wow Moss says:

    Soulja Boy you is a bitch Bow Wow will give you the works. Y’all think Bow Wow a punk because he carries himself different from y’all thugs wannabes and Bow Wow’s career can never be over never. Too many young ladies like myself out here love him. Bye Bye B

  2. NAIMA says:

    I love both of them but….BOW WOW is my homeboy but doesn’t have to be hating on Soulja Boy like that all he trying to do is make dances and have fun!! DON’T TRIP!!


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