Soup Says As A Whole, J5’s Latest Is One Of Year’s Best caught up with Soup from to get his thoughts on the overwealming good reviews given to the group for their latest effort ‘Power in Numbers’. “I’m gonna make a bold statement. And I usually don’t make bold statements because you usually got to eat crow after that sh** don’t come true,” Soup said. “But for me, this record here, compared to a lot of people’s stuff, you cannot front on this record. You cannot say that this is not a good record. Now, if it doesn’t have that takeaway hit that just is all over the radio stations, maybe you’ll have that to hold as your ace in the hole if you want to debate me on this particular record. But if you listen to this record as a whole, this has gotta be one of the best hip-hop records out this year. And that’s a bold statement and I’m gonna say it. But I really believe it. I’m happy for the record to be out. I’m happy to have had the opportunity, but I want to have a gold plaque. I want to have that platinum plaque. I want to experience that feeling.”

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