Spoof Or Truth?

The Blackspot of BET.com writes, “Have you ever wondered what happened to Hip Hop’s funny bone? Rarely can rap artists take a joke about anything these days. Everyone with a mic has a chip on their shoulder and is ready to spaz out unless of course someone not of color makes fun of them (This is because everyone is paranoid about airing dirty laundry). Just take a look at films like ‘Bringing Down The House,’ ‘Malibu’s Most Wanted’ and the dreaded ‘Kangaroo Jack.’ All of these flicks mimic Hip Hop while the Hip Hop community remains pretty quiet about it. For a culture with so many glass egos, it’s amazing how these production companies get away with what they’re putting out without any backlash. Why aren’t there more people of color that understand the nature of the culture behind these movies and tv shows?”

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