Spose Releasing ‘Happy Medium’ Project Before ‘The Audacity!’ Album Drops


checked in with fans on his Facebook on Monday (October 25), talking about his new album and releasing some material before ‘The Audacity!’ comes out early next year. The Maine rapper writes:

I finished my album “The Audacity!” months ago and it’s in Universal Republic’s hands and will be out in early 2011. The lead single will most likely be “Party Foul.”

In the meantime, I’ve been recording relentlessly. And I’ve got 10 more brand new original new songs that I’m ready to release for free online.

It seems unfair to me to release these new original songs that I’ve worked so hard to create under the title of a mixtape, let alone a “Vol. 2”

So I’m going to release them as “Happy Medium” – a project, rather than a mixtape, of entirely new original sh**, fo free, on the internet.

And then, in a few weeks (or whenever we finish it), DJ Jon and I will release “We Smoked It All Vol. 2” which will contain a sh**load of more new music but also contain some mashups/etc.

That said, I’m not ready to release “Happy Medium” today. We still have 3 songs to finish mixing. But I am prepared to release a few more tracks to get you ready for it’s release next week.

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