Sticky Fingaz Indie Deal Gives Him Big Royalties

Sticky Fingaz caught up with and asked the former Onyx frontman what happened with his Def Jam deal. “When we started getting into the business side of things. When I signed my first contract I was 15 and a 1/2. n**gas had a double platinum album and I’m 16 in Japan,” Sticky explained. “I didn’t really give a f*ck about business. As long as I had money to buy clothes, weed and liquor it was all good. But as n**gas got older we had more responsibilities. Then you start questioning. What the f*ck am I doing? n**gas wanted to eat off the fruits of their own labor. Its either you let n**gas keep pimping you or you put your foot down and do something. That’s the right step. Right now we are getting seven dollars for every record sold. That’s a big chance because we on an independent label. For a new artist it’s hard to be on an an independent label because you only got so much money for marketing. But if your group is established like we are it works to your benefit.”

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