Student Assaulted In Alleged Hate Crime After Ludacris Show

The Cornell Daily Sun reports that a white female student assaulted Sunday night leaving the and concert at Barton Hall says she was the victim of a hate-crime, which left her with a ruptured ear drum and thirteen stiches on her face. The incident, as described by the victim, began when the student had a minor altercation with another girl who was at the concert while the performace was still going on. “She said ‘Get your white hair out of my face,'” the student said. Later, after separating from her friends after the concert, she found herself surrounded by a group made up of five black females and one black male, who have yet to be identified. “They said they were gonna fu** up my pretty white face,” she said. Allegedly, the incident turned physically violent when one of the girls slapped the student hard enough to rupture her eardrum, a blow which threw her off balance. The other five assailants proceeded to kick and punch her as she fell down.

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