Style Factory 5 At The Knitting Factory

Contributed by AdamBernard:

“Inf! Inf! Inf! Inf!” The crowd was rabid after four official rounds and one overtime round of the Whose Rhyme Is It Anyway freestyle competition and after a three month reign Bisc1 had been dethroned. The competition was much bigger this time around, featuring six MC’s rather than the usual four, and the freestyle games ranged from the moderately difficult, such as picking three topics out of a hat and working them into one’s freestyle, to the completely insane, which is the only way to describe the game where the MC’s had to make their flows match DJ Judah’s scratching four different times all while staying on a topic that was shouted out by the crowd. While the headline of the show billed the evening as a New Orleans Hip-Hop Reunion, it was clear this was the month that the Whose Rhyme Is It Anyway freestyle competition came to full maturity. Check out the full review click at

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