Styles P. Addresses Death Of Younger Brother

Lola Ogunnaike of the New York Daily News chatted with . of Lox on his debut solo album, ‘Gangster and a Gentleman,’ which is expected to open in the Billboard Top 10. Styles opened up about the the loss of his younger brother, Gary Quarles, who died in a car accident a year ago. “A pain so deep I find it hard to cope,” he admits. “He’s in a better place now and chilling harder than I am. We’ve all got to die. You can’t stop that one.”

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8 thoughts on “Styles P. Addresses Death Of Younger Brother

  1. southeast uk says:

    R.I.P Gary Quarles

  2. juan says:

    I know how that feels I lost my father to a car accident so I feel for you they’re probably chilling together

  3. simeon mcclain sr says:

    Be bless my brother, your brother is in a place that one day all God’s people who believe and trust, will see the kingdom. I was touch in how you felt, I lost my brother by suicide, he’s been gone for over 25 years. The pain is still deep, but I never lost focus on what God has in store for us. One day will all meet up again in heaven, and I know your brother is kicking up in heaven with mt brother, waiting for all to join. Always keep bless, stay focus, be strong with faith!!!!!

  4. twan money says:

    Just like he said….. I’m in the room wit a thousand people still feel alone but I can walk threw the grave yard and feel right at home… hurts losing a love one….wishing you can be where they at you know……the good die young so they can get to haven early and watch over the rest of the slums……that’s deep my nigga

  5. Loren says:

    I’m missing your smile I’m missing your style I figured I’m the next one there so we can kick awhile! Feel this song go all thru your body

  6. Demarcus Cuttle says:

    i feel your pain, I Miss my little brother too,

  7. Wolf says:

    My brother died in a car accident 12 days after that album came out… 5 days before it dropped (July 4th 2002) I told my brother to stop driving so fast in that car after he flew past me when we had left my cousins housewarming…. I tell ppl all the time, that song “My Brother” saved my life and stopped me from going off the deep end when I lost my bro….

  8. The LastPoet says:

    The whole album is just deep and really helped me put good and evil into perspective anyway the whole album is ? and this song bring tears to one’s eyes.

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